• Real time
    Control and visualisation
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  • Cold Storage Hygiene Services /Refrigerated Logistics Hygiene
    & Remediation, econtamination & protection
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  • Smart Polymers ideal for differentiating your product
    line-up with superior long-lasting performance
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  • Water Treatment
    & Legionella Control
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  • Smart choice for anti- microbial
    cleaners and treatments
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  • SmartHub real time optimisation
    and asset management
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  • Protection from natural
    elements and pollution
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  • Smart technology
    on retrofitting
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Clean and healthier air
Improves indoor air quality, prevention of >98% of bacterial regrowth over a 12 month period.
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Water Treatment
Legionella control, digest biofilm and eliminates the bulk of micro-organisms in the system.
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Sustainable built environment
Providing significant energy efficiency, demand management, performance, tracking and cost control for your assets.
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Holistic Approach
Ensures systems perform better, last longer and cost less to run.
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AerisGuard™ cleaners use patented antimicrobial multi - enzyme technology, which is non - toxic and non - acidic to breakdown and digest the biofilm and other contaminants. This is easily removed using a water pressure cleaner.
AerisGuard™ Treatment is then applied to create a biostatic protective coating on the surface.This provides up to 12 months residual protection to control and prevent mould, fungi and odour causing bacteria. Ideal as part of an annual maintenance program.
Cleaner coils and surfaces result in improved air flow and more efficient heat exchange during the heating and cooling cycle. Used in conjunction with SmartHUB™ technology, compressor performance is optimised to deliver lower running costs, cleaner heathier air and improved occupant comfort.
AerisView™ allows building managers to control assets for optimum performance and operation.
AerisView™ allows real time monitoringof a building' s assets.