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Aeris Environmental Europe is the European branch for the Australian company, Aeris Environmental Ltd, who have been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2002. 

Aeris Environmental Europe is based in Malta and handles a network across the European continent by providing a full range of products and services suitable for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration units (HVAC&R). Aeris also offers products for the cleaning of hard and soft surfaces together with products related to food hygiene.

Aeris brings unrivalled patented technology products which have undergone years of testing and proven success in the laboratory to people, their businesses and homes.


Aeris Environmental delivers:

-        Healthier & cleaner air - using patented antimicrobial technology

-        Energy reduction - with an integrated approach to HVAC&R system optimisation

-        Cost savings - reduced operating costs, less maintenance and longer asset life

-        Trusted performance - environmentally safe and OH&S compliant with independent validation and certification from NATA, CSIRO, USA EPA, HACCP, NSF, TGA, Ecospecifier. 


Services we offer:

-        HVAC&R maintenance with an International warranty of 12 months.

-        Sanitisation services for any building/ premises.

Our Customers:

- Anyone can be our customer, we are here to safeguard your home, office, shop, school, gym, restaurant, salon, hotel, cinema, club, museum and so much more!


Products are also being sold individually, to find out more on how you can purchase our products or for any further information, contact us here