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AerisGuard™ Epicoat Range Hood Coating

World's first coating membrane meeting the regulated cleaning requirements of commercial kitchen range hoods
AerisGuard™ Epicoat provides a revolutionary method for safe and effective cleaning and removal of cooking debris, oil and fats from commercial kitchen range hoods. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the AerisGuard™ Epicoat Range Hood Coating is easily applied to the clean surface using airless spray equipment. Epicoat is non-toxic and cooking can recommence even before the coating is dry. Once dry, this forms a strong, flexible coating on the surface with a service life of 6 months.

Key features and benefits
50% labour reduction in application over caustic cleaning - saves time and money
Simple re-application - peel off and respray only - saves more time and money
HACCP approved - “food safe and suitable for use in food handling facilities”
OH&S Safe - existing caustic cleaners are dangerous and toxic
Odourless /Non toxic - safe to use indoors with no odours. water based, polymeric coating membrane with no added solvent.
Fast - only requires a single coast and dries in minutes. Cooking can recommence even before the coating is dry
Long lasting - 6 months cleaning performance before retreat required
Simple - caustic cleaning requires water run-off control and multiple rinses
Saves water - no hosing or rinsing required

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AerisGuard Range Hood Coating