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Ice Machine Cleaning Solutions
A clean, green approach to remediating ice machines
Based on advanced Multi - enzyme technology - to safely and effectively remove biofilm and other contaminants from ice machine surfaces
Environmentally friendly - enzymes are nature's way of breaking down soil and contaminants
Exclusive technology patents - are based on extensive R&D from developing medical instrument cleaning and disinfection products
Totally Biodegradable - meets stringent German and Australian biodegradability standards
Easy to Use - Packaged in easy - dose bottle, the product is low foaming and requires a single rinse
Cleans and Sanitises in one application - AerisGuard Bioactive Sanitiser is applied as per the standard cleaning SOP
Can descale - Aeris has also developed a descaling product recommended for "hard water" geographies, units >5yrs old, units that have been poorly serviced - a combination of food grade phosphoric acid, detergents and corrosion protection agents safely remove scale without damaging the metals

The AerisGuard Ice Machine Cleaning solutions consist of the following products:

AerisGuard Bioactive Sanitiser
Multi-enzyme formulation using enzymes found in nature
Combines biofilm removal and Ice Machine sanitation in one, single rinse
Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive formulation.

AerisGuard Descaler Concentrate
Food-grade phosphonic acid
Low toxicity, kinder on the environment
Added corrosive protection, to maintain machine integrity

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Ice Machine Remediation Solution