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Product Overview
The Aeris Environmental Ltd product range includes:
SmartENERGY Whole of System HVAC&R Optimisation
Delivers improved performance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality by optimising the compressor, heat exchanger and system operation.

AerisGuard™ Cleaners and Treatments
Patented multi-enzyme, antimicrobial technology safely cleans and removes contaminants as well as protecting it from recontamination. This delivers better airflow, improved energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.

AerisCoat™ Duct Sealants
Protect surfaces from recontamination as well as minimising efficiency losses by eliminating air leaks.

AerisCoat™ Range Hood Coatings
Safer, easier and more hygienic method of cleaning that delivers significant on site cost advantages.

AerisCoat™ Corrosion Resistant Coil Coatings
Patented corrosion resistant coatings for HVAC&R Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

AerisGuard™ Water Treatments
Patented multi-enzyme, antimicrobial technology cleans and removes contaminants from cooling towers and evaporative cooling units

AerisGuard™ Condensate Pan Tablet
Minimises the risk of potential property damage from blocked drains and condensate overflow.

Smart Polymers
Patented anti-microbial biostatic polymers

Patented Aeris technology is based on a 3-step philosophy
AerisGuard anti-microbial multi-enzyme technology safely cleans and removes contamination from coils, surfaces and ductwork at the same time as providing protection from recontamination.