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Smart Polymers
In a world first, Aeris Environmental has patented a breakthrough class of anti-microbial, biostatic polymers that can control, prevent and inhibit mould, fungi and odour causing bacteria.

This technology was partially co-developed with the Australian Government Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Ideal for manufacturers wanting to differentiate their product line-up with superior long-lasting performance.

Applications include:
Hospital and healthcare surfaces
Building materials exposed to high moisture levels
Protective clothing and footwear
Consumer durables

Feature and benefits
Smart Polymers can be manufactured using extrusion, injection moulding and thermo-forming processes.
Full range of mechanical properties from rigid to flexible.
Anti-microbial properties are exhibited throughout the entire moulding, and not just limited to the surface.
Low human toxicity levels make it ideal for applications where fungal, algal and bacterial growth is required.
Cost effective method for providing antimicrobial growth.