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A Whole of System Solution to HVAC Optimisation
AerisGuard™ is an ecological, anti-microbial multi-enzyme technology that safely cleans and gently removes contamination from coils, surfaces and ductwork without damaging unlike chemical based products. The same application provides protection from recontamination.

Pioneered by sister company Novapharm Research, a world leader in hospital infection control and multi-enzyme medical processing cleaners, AerisGuard™ contributes to a great improvement to indoor environment air quality, enhance performance and reduce energy consumption due to its patented product formula.

The AerisSmartENERGY technology platform is designed to deliver even further savings. It can be easily integrated with conventional systems and is compatible with most HVAC&R control systems, BMS (Building Management System) functions and plant optimisation. AerisSmartENERGY operates at real-time while contributing to dynamic compressor performance improvements.

This energy saving technology can be integrated into newly installed or retrofitted into existing systems of any size to maximise savings throughout the duration of the system. Automatic reporting while help to monitor the savings on, energy and performance. Furthermore, this energy reduction contributes to an eco environment ambient. Aeris Environmental has positioned itself as a leading innovator in the HVAC&R industry, which not only cleans and protects its clients, but also contributes to a greener environment.

As CEO Peter Bush emphasises, "Refrigeration, heating and cooling make up almost 22% of all electricity consumed in Australia. We need a whole of industry approach to reduce the impact of HVAC&R on the environment. By bringing together the equipment manufacturer, the engineer, the facilities manager and service technician Aeris Environmental offers a whole of system solution to deliver better indoor air quality, comfort and energy savings."
Patented Aeris technology is based on a 3-step philosophy
AerisGuard anti-microbial multi-enzyme technology safely cleans and removes contamination from coils, surfaces and ductwork at the same time as providing protection from recontamination.